I’m so excited!

I was very surprised, flattered and excited to find I was the Starting Chain’s (http://startingchain.com/2013/11/featured-member-crochet-november-26.html)     featured member today for Larissa’s afghan

Larissa's afghan

Larissa’s afghan

If I didn’t mention it in my original blog, the pattern if from Lion’s Brand’s website but I altered it to include 2 additional colors thus increasing the size (my apologies if you had read this in the original blog, just can’t contain my excitement!).  The picture was posted to Starting Chain ( https://www.facebook.com/StartingChain) on Facebook as well as a picture of the arm warmers I made for Larissa as well.

If you are interested in seeing other projects I have completed please check out https://www.facebook.com/AuntCindysCrochetedCreations as well as my Pinterest boards (under Cindy Huber).  Since my unexpected change in employment status earlier this year, my forays into crochet have become more adventurous.  Should you check out my other pages, please let me know what you think, I would love to hear from you!



Altered arm warmer pattern

My nephew’s girlfriend mentioned to me she likes arm warmers but those she has received seem bulky.   I found at pattern at Yarnspirations (http://www.yarnspirations.com/pattern/crochet/zig-zag-arm-warmers) that I thought she would like since it didn’t look bulky.  I had yarn leftover from the afghan

Larissa's afghan

Larissa’s afghan

I had made for her and decided to use that for the armwarmers.  By the way the some of the yarn was also leftover from her Christmas gift so the arm warmers match that as well


There was a slight problem however; I didn’t like the seam in the original pattern to make the arm warmers fit around the arm so I opted to attempt to make them in a continuous round and it worked quite well.  You can tell which side is to be on the inside (or under) the arm because where the seam would be in (at the joining) is where I increased the stitches.  Also for the beginning round I used a foundation crochet stitch instead of just a chain to give it more of a finished edge.  I know Larissa likes whatever I make for her but I am hoping she REALLY likes the arm warmers since she seems to be a fan of fashions/colors/fads from the 70’s.


Some quick projects completed

Ok, when I originally started this dog sweater, if you recall, when it was 3/4’s finished I realized the neck was too small and I pulled out everything up to the neck ribbing and remade it correctly.

In doing so I also attempted attaching yarn without knots or doubling yarn on stitches like I normally do.  Instead I took the yarn, threaded a yarn needle and fed it into the piece to which I was attaching it (did this because I had made some errors while crocheting the original piece and cut yarn when I shouldn’t have.)  I impressed myself with this technique, looks good.  The sweater was finished yesterday morning and I took a short break from starting anything else.

Vegas's sweater

Vegas’s sweater

Despite having 2 more sweaters to make I opted instead for what I thought would be a quick project.  I decided to take a doily pattern, use a cotton yarn (worsted weight) and adapt it to a potholder.  First one went well but knowing one normally needs 2 potholders/hotpads to remove something from the oven I wanted to make a second for a matching pair.  Unfortunately, until I went to crochet the 2 pieces together to the last section I didn’t know I had counted the number of shells in the first row incorrectly, shorting myself on one shell so that there was an extra section on one of the pieces.  OK, pulled all that work apart to the first round and put it aside for the evening so I wouldn’t become frustrated.

I picked it back up this morning and completed the piece so the 2 halves could be crocheted together.  Here is the completed piece:

"doily" potholders/hotpads

“doily” potholders/hotpads

Now it’s back to those dog sweaters!


Crocheting for pets

OK, my sister-in-law asked if I had considered crocheting for 4 legged family members.  I had made sweaters for our own pooches years ago and wasn’t too proud of how these turned out, perhaps I made them too large or with yarn that was too stretchable; regardless, I told her I would like to attempt making items for 4 legged family members again.

I was so proud of myself when I started one for a sister’s dog on Sunday and by Monday late morning got about 1/2 done.

100_0561Even posted a picture on FB I was so proud of how it was turning out despite my thinking it was strange that the instruction was to double the number of stitches in the collar when starting the body.  Regardless, I completed the body of the sweater, sewed it together but something in the back of my mind kept nagging me that the neck seemed AWFULLY small.  Told myself “don’t worry it will stretch, her dogs aren’t big like ours.”

That was until this morning when I woke up with the realization that the instructions were for ribs to number 24 and the actual rows of the necking to be 48—I had only 24 ROWS which equaled 12 ribs.  Needless to say I have spent this morning unraveling the sweater I was so proud of yesterday morning and have started correcting my error.

Well, at least I caught the error before I started the 2nd sweater for her other dog so it’s back to work on sweater #1.  Lesson learned:  read more carefully and count twice, crochet once!

WHEW! Last of gifts completed!

Just finished the last of the Christmas gifts not 10 minutes ago.  That is not to say the “made by” labels have been sewn on but at least the crocheting is completed.  Sort of leaves an empty feeling, not knowing what to move on to next although there are those dog sweaters…..if I start those I should be able to get them done in to mail out with the human gifts.

Then there is always the novelty booties for the little ones, an owl hat, diaper cover and leggings for one of the babies coming at the end of the month, the Disney princesses for my niece’s daughters new bedroom, the animal finger puppets with arc to give as a gift, the afghans for my other sister and her daughter as well as one for my other nephew’s girlfriend.  Like I said in an earlier post, so many patterns to choose from….

Anyway, here is a picture of the afghan I completed this morning.  The original pattern was to use 5 colors and 25 hexagons but when I completed the prototype my husband asked why it was so small so I enlarged it to use 7 colors and 46 hexagons.  Hope the recipient likes it!

Larissa's afghan

Larissa’s afghan

I’m a Crochetaholic

My name is Cindy, aka Aunt Cindy, and I am a crochetaholic.  There is not enough yarn, crochet thread or items to make to satisfy me (also not enough time in the day to make what I aspire to make).

There are several pages on FB that I “Like” devoted to my habit.  There is also an endless supply of sites to find free patterns just waiting to be crocheted.  My board on Pinterest, Future Projects, grows daily.  I’m not even mentioning the pattern books I find that I only wish I had the money to purchase.  My stash of patterns printed from the web used to fit in an accordion file, not any more.  Right now there is a 1/2 stack of paper sitting on our printer of patterns I have printed just waiting to be stapled together and collated into my main stash.

Earlier this year I entered an online contest for “I Love Yarn” day and won  skeins of premium yarn.  That hooked me (no pun intended) to entering other contests in hopes of winning.  The latest is for a pattern how-to book, “”AmiguruME: Make Cute Crochet People” by Crafty is Cool! which, of course, I entered and should I not win (there will only be 2 winners) I will be asking for the book as a Christmas gift from someone.  The idea behind AmiguruMe is to crochet a doll that looks like you or someone from a picture of that person.  My thought is what a cute idea for some of my family members.  My sister also gave me the idea to crochet a “selfie”—can’t believe I didn’t think of that myself.

Well, I am suffering from withdrawal so I need to go pick up my hook and feed my addiction.  Later!

Yet another day of Christmas 2013

I continue to work on getting items ready for shipment for Christmas.  Only 4 more hexagons to make for my nephew’s girlfriend’s afghan.  I taught myself how to draw a diagram of it on the computer so I could figure out how I the pieces will be laid out.  That took a little longer than I expected but I now know how to work the drawing portion of our word processing program, even labeled each hexagon with what the center color will be when sewing together.  I also started sewing these together, that in itself will be an adventure.

For a break from sewing hexagons together I will be sewing in the labels to the items already completed.  Those were laundered the other day and I was surprised at how much I had made (now I’m dreading wrapping all those gifts).  Hopefully the gifts will bring Christmas cheer to all receiving them.

Once done with all that it is on to making some sweaters for family member’s dogs!:)