Selfish crochet

Yes, I made a selfish crochet.  I actually took the time to crochet something for myself before starting on a hat a niece asked I make for her despite knowing the hat wouldn’t take more than a weekend to make. (she wants an owl hat, below is the pattern I found to use from


Instead I crocheted my self a bag/tote.  As an instructor at a post-secondary educational facility I am now carrying books around again (also need to bring them home to prep for future classes).  As well as with the inclement weather I needed something to carry my shoes in when I wear boots into work.  The bag will also double as a “lunch bag” for me since I make it larger than what the pattern I found at Also, I opted to use 3 strands of worsted weight yarn for the body of the bag, one strand for the casing which the dowel is fed through and 2 strands for the handles.  I omitted the lining as well as the magnetic fastener (since what I will be carrying would have blocked the fastener anyway.)  I decided IF I do feel a fastener is needed in the future I will make a bobble with yarn as well as a chain loop to use for closure.


So now it is back to crocheting that hat for my niece in addition to getting back to work on 2014’s Christmas presents and the infinity scarf one of my sisters requested.  Happy Hooking!



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