So many projects, so little time

Now that I am gainfully employed again I need to learn to budget my time to complete projects and work on my teaching plans.

I also need to learn to curb my “surfing” the web in search of patterns.  I got up early this morning and went to to find patterns using their Homespun yarn which I found on sale yesterday.  Of course after that I also had to check out other websites for patterns…. being one of the sites (looking for Cabbage Patch Kid hats for children).  I also went to to look up a pattern I saw on a friend’s board for instructions to a bag (need one to carry textbooks and my shoes in for work).

I  did find a pattern for Cabbage Patch Kid hat at .  As well as printed off the instructions for the bag I have started for myself (  Pictures will follow upon completion of the projects.  In addition I have completed a slouchy hat for a distant cousin
as well as started an “AmiguruME” doll of a relative. 
 The doll has since progressed and has 2 arms, legs and some hair.  His picture will be posted upon completion as well. 
I better get back to work if I am going to get this projects finished anytime soon.  Later!

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