Santa’s cookies tradition

Tell me, who (with children) doesn’t leave cookies for the big man?

I’ve seen plates with “Cookies for Santa” which is cute but when I found this fillet crochet pattern for a placemat  (from Crochet patterns by Herrshners, November/December 1988, no longer in publication, if interested, let me know and I will figure out a way to share it with you) I couldn’t resist.

Last year I crocheted one for my nephew’s son.  This year my niece’s daughter is old enough to begin the tradition as well so I opted to crochet one for her as well.  Now I know children probably don’t believe in Santa as long as they used to and there are also parents who would rather not “feed” this belief but, come on, they are only children for so long and should be able to hold onto that innocence.  My eldest nephew, when he found out there wasn’t a Santa (he was around 9 or 10) spoke to me about it and said it wasn’t fair that we adults fed into that belief for the kids.  At that time I told him, Santa DOES EXIST, he may not be a real physical being but he lives in our hearts and gives Christmas its magic.  I then asked him wasn’t it nice when Christmas seemed magic and he believed?  He agreed it was nice to have Christmas magic and believe in that jolly old man.  At that point I told him IF HE EVER told the younger children there wasn’t a Santa he would NEVER, EVER receive another gift from me!  To the best of my knowledge, he never has told a child Santa does not exist and I think since he now has children of his own that Santa lives in his heart as well and Christmas is magic for his children.

That said, long live the tradition of leaving cookies and milk or whatever treat you feel comfortable leaving for Santa (as well as carrots for his reindeer if the mood strikes you).  And Sarah this is for Sahara and Faith (it still has to be blocked to its final size):

Santa's placemat

Santa’s placemat

I hope you can use it for many years before your girls realize the magic is just in our hearts.  And to Larissa and Josh – I hope Rune and Annabelle believe for years to come as well (don’t let Rune spoil it for Annabelle when he gets older!)  Jess and Tim – your children will receive their placemats next year!


5 thoughts on “Santa’s cookies tradition

  1. Could you please send me the pattern my autistic grandson has a thing about leaving cookies for Santa this would be perfect to set them on, Thanks so much

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