Brrrr!!!! It’s been cold outside

So I decided to make myself a winter cap.  I found this pattern on and thought it was a unique cap to make but didn’t know for whom I would crochet it.  That was until one day last week when we were walking the dogs and the wind was brutal!  It has warmed up since but it is still early in the season and winter hasn’t officially arrived yet.  I took stock of what yarn I had in my stash and although I didn’t use the type suggested in the pattern the cap turned out REALLY nice.  For the “sheepskin” I had some leftover ivory afghan yarn that was 2-ply to I combined 3 skeins to make up the one thread for a nice thick “sheepskin”.  There was also some leftover TLC yarn (I don’t know if this yarn has been discontinued) in a chocolatey brown for the cap portion.  Now I can hardly wait for it to be cold enough to wear my new cap.100_0578100_0577

The earflaps are more for decoration that actual use although I believe if really needed you could untie them and use them by tying the strings under your chin.  Oh, I didn’t make the scarf or mittens because I didn’t need them.  Also, I think the “sheepskin” could be made separately and used as a headband by itself.  Rather than follow the pattern religiously I also made the cap in the round rather than flat and then sew the seam up the back.


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