Christmas 2013 (continues)

Hmmmm, this morning found a pattern for a small Christmas stocking that would be cute to put on gifts as nametags but I’m not certain I can get them made for each individual (if someone is getting more than one gift I would only make one stocking for that person….not that anyone is getting multiple gifts, since I started making gifts in earnest a bit late in the year it looks like one gift per individual).  Guess the only way I know if I can pull this off is to see how long it takes to make one and go on from there.  Good thing is, once I have made an item making more from the same pattern seems to go faster the more I make.

Another project I found was on Pinterest this morning from another person’s pin……a way to adapt the handles of crochet hooks to make it more comfortable to crochet.   My sister-in-law is asking what to get me for Christmas and I think I will ask for the clay so I can make these for myself (or a gift card to use to buy the clay myself).  Once made I will have to share pictures of my finished crochet hooks.

Since I am still working on the hexagons for the granny afghan that I hope to finish by early December I should probably sign off for now.   Good news is I have about 1/2 of the hexagons completed.  Shouldn’t get to overconfident though because once these are completed I need to assemble the afghan!  Back to work!


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