That time of year

It’s been quite awhile since I posted anything; that’s what happens when you become gainfully employed again (YEAH!). However, I miss my crocheting. Over the past couple of weekends I have been crocheting frantically, working on Christmas gifts for my family. Looks like Christmas will be “extended” for some if I don’t finish my projects in time to get them sent out but such is life. Originally I thought about making slippers for everyone but that has been amended to making either stockings to hang or stockings to wear. Then there is the “elf on the shelf” that was promised to 3 households (got to get to work on those) and amiguruME’s which I thought I would be able to make one of each family member until work got in the way (again not complaining, just best laid plans….)
So, instead of sitting here blogging let me get to work on those Christmas gifts!


Selfish crochet

Yes, I made a selfish crochet.  I actually took the time to crochet something for myself before starting on a hat a niece asked I make for her despite knowing the hat wouldn’t take more than a weekend to make. (she wants an owl hat, below is the pattern I found to use from


Instead I crocheted my self a bag/tote.  As an instructor at a post-secondary educational facility I am now carrying books around again (also need to bring them home to prep for future classes).  As well as with the inclement weather I needed something to carry my shoes in when I wear boots into work.  The bag will also double as a “lunch bag” for me since I make it larger than what the pattern I found at Also, I opted to use 3 strands of worsted weight yarn for the body of the bag, one strand for the casing which the dowel is fed through and 2 strands for the handles.  I omitted the lining as well as the magnetic fastener (since what I will be carrying would have blocked the fastener anyway.)  I decided IF I do feel a fastener is needed in the future I will make a bobble with yarn as well as a chain loop to use for closure.


So now it is back to crocheting that hat for my niece in addition to getting back to work on 2014’s Christmas presents and the infinity scarf one of my sisters requested.  Happy Hooking!


So many projects, so little time

Now that I am gainfully employed again I need to learn to budget my time to complete projects and work on my teaching plans.

I also need to learn to curb my “surfing” the web in search of patterns.  I got up early this morning and went to to find patterns using their Homespun yarn which I found on sale yesterday.  Of course after that I also had to check out other websites for patterns…. being one of the sites (looking for Cabbage Patch Kid hats for children).  I also went to to look up a pattern I saw on a friend’s board for instructions to a bag (need one to carry textbooks and my shoes in for work).

I  did find a pattern for Cabbage Patch Kid hat at .  As well as printed off the instructions for the bag I have started for myself (  Pictures will follow upon completion of the projects.  In addition I have completed a slouchy hat for a distant cousin
as well as started an “AmiguruME” doll of a relative. 
 The doll has since progressed and has 2 arms, legs and some hair.  His picture will be posted upon completion as well. 
I better get back to work if I am going to get this projects finished anytime soon.  Later!

Santa’s cookies tradition

Tell me, who (with children) doesn’t leave cookies for the big man?

I’ve seen plates with “Cookies for Santa” which is cute but when I found this fillet crochet pattern for a placemat  (from Crochet patterns by Herrshners, November/December 1988, no longer in publication, if interested, let me know and I will figure out a way to share it with you) I couldn’t resist.

Last year I crocheted one for my nephew’s son.  This year my niece’s daughter is old enough to begin the tradition as well so I opted to crochet one for her as well.  Now I know children probably don’t believe in Santa as long as they used to and there are also parents who would rather not “feed” this belief but, come on, they are only children for so long and should be able to hold onto that innocence.  My eldest nephew, when he found out there wasn’t a Santa (he was around 9 or 10) spoke to me about it and said it wasn’t fair that we adults fed into that belief for the kids.  At that time I told him, Santa DOES EXIST, he may not be a real physical being but he lives in our hearts and gives Christmas its magic.  I then asked him wasn’t it nice when Christmas seemed magic and he believed?  He agreed it was nice to have Christmas magic and believe in that jolly old man.  At that point I told him IF HE EVER told the younger children there wasn’t a Santa he would NEVER, EVER receive another gift from me!  To the best of my knowledge, he never has told a child Santa does not exist and I think since he now has children of his own that Santa lives in his heart as well and Christmas is magic for his children.

That said, long live the tradition of leaving cookies and milk or whatever treat you feel comfortable leaving for Santa (as well as carrots for his reindeer if the mood strikes you).  And Sarah this is for Sahara and Faith (it still has to be blocked to its final size):

Santa's placemat

Santa’s placemat

I hope you can use it for many years before your girls realize the magic is just in our hearts.  And to Larissa and Josh – I hope Rune and Annabelle believe for years to come as well (don’t let Rune spoil it for Annabelle when he gets older!)  Jess and Tim – your children will receive their placemats next year!

Brrrr!!!! It’s been cold outside

So I decided to make myself a winter cap.  I found this pattern on and thought it was a unique cap to make but didn’t know for whom I would crochet it.  That was until one day last week when we were walking the dogs and the wind was brutal!  It has warmed up since but it is still early in the season and winter hasn’t officially arrived yet.  I took stock of what yarn I had in my stash and although I didn’t use the type suggested in the pattern the cap turned out REALLY nice.  For the “sheepskin” I had some leftover ivory afghan yarn that was 2-ply to I combined 3 skeins to make up the one thread for a nice thick “sheepskin”.  There was also some leftover TLC yarn (I don’t know if this yarn has been discontinued) in a chocolatey brown for the cap portion.  Now I can hardly wait for it to be cold enough to wear my new cap.100_0578100_0577

The earflaps are more for decoration that actual use although I believe if really needed you could untie them and use them by tying the strings under your chin.  Oh, I didn’t make the scarf or mittens because I didn’t need them.  Also, I think the “sheepskin” could be made separately and used as a headband by itself.  Rather than follow the pattern religiously I also made the cap in the round rather than flat and then sew the seam up the back.